Septic System Pumping

Rodenhiser Excavating offers 24-Hour Emergency Service for Residential Septic Systems, Commercial Septic Systems, and Grease Traps

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Septic Pumping

Septic System Pump Truck We recommend an annual or biannual pump for most residences but this varies based upon the number of occupants, amount of use (showers, laundry etc.) and the current condition of your system. Rodenhiser technicians always pump the entire tank contents and make sure to check that there are no signs of problems or items needing repair.

Please also see our helpful videos explaining how septic systems work.

Title V Inspections

Title V is a Massachusetts law which regulates septic systems. A Title V Inspection is a report done by a certified Title V Technician that documents the condition of the system at the time of the inspection. This involves locating, exposing and inspecting the system components for their condition and functionality. Systems are deemed to pass, fail or have a conditional pass based upon guidelines set forth by the MA D.E.P. A passing Title V is good for two years, or if pumping is done annually before the anniversary date of the Title V, it extends by another year and is good for three years.

Grease Traps

Grease Trap Pumping and Preventative Maintenance

Grease Traps are designed to trap grease and prevent it from making it to your Soil Absorption System or sewer line where it can cause damage. Proper maintenance is paramount for the health of your grease trap and system. Call us to discuss our service maintenance contracts.

Exterior Grease Trap Design and Installation

Rodenhiser Excavating can walk you through the entire process for your new grease trap. From design to installation we will guide you through the process to successful completion.

Drain Cleaning

Do you have a clogged or sluggish drain? We have the knowledge to know whether your problem is related to your septic system, the drainage in your yard or if it’s a clogged drain. Our technicians have the equipment required to clear your drain. If your problem is system related we have the manpower and equipment for pumping, repairs and even system design or installation if necessary. Don’t waste time and money on many different companies when you can make one call to Rodenhiser Excavating, “The Septic Professionals”.

Water Jetting

Rodenhiser Excavating's patented high pressure "Water Jet®" is an invaluable tool for clearing blockages in difficult to clear lines. The high pressure jet is an effective tool which helps us to live up to our motto of "We succeed where others fail."

Video Pipe Inspections

Video pipe inspection services - Our video cameras can go into pipes to determine the cause of problems and the location of leaks, roots or breaks.

Confined Entry

We have certified confined entry personnel on staff for components needing these specialized services. Our technicians have the equipment and training required to enter tanks and other confined spaces when access for repairs from outside the tank is not possible.


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