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Septic Systems

Drip Field InstallationRodenhiser Excavating has been servicing Septic Systems in the Metro West area for more than 25 years. Our technicians have worked for us for many years and have the experience, knowledge and ability to communicate their knowledge to you, our customer. We realize that the health of your septic system is of vital importance to you, the property owner. Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner in need of septic repairs, septic pumping, grease trap service, Title V Inspection, or the design and installation of a new system or grease trap you can count on Rodenhiser, The Septic Professionals, to handle all of your needs.

Septic System Repairs and Septic System Replacement

Leaching Field InstallationRodenhiser Excavating has been installing and repairing septic systems for over two decades. Don't trust amateurs, call Rodenhiser Excavating, The Septic Professionals™. If you are in need of a new system, call us and we will walk you through the process from design to actual installation.

Local engineering firms recognize Rodenhiser Excavating as a knowledgeable and experienced company with the ability to deal with unforeseen complications and resolve problems that can arise during installations. We pride ourselves on our diligence and ability to stay within proposed timelines. Our staff is able to effectively communicate with customers to explain the installation process in a way that customers are able to comprehend.

Septic System Installation

Soil Absorbtion System Installation Distribution Box The operation and life of your system depends on proper installation. Rodenhiser Excavating has the experience and knowledge to installyour septic system properly and we stand behind all of our work. Septic repairs and installations are held to very strict tolerances and our staff understands this. The operation and life of your system depend on proper installation and we stand behind our installations and repairs. We have more than two decades of experience working with local Boards of Health and civil engineers. With Rodenhiser you can rest assured that your project will command the attention and care that it deserves.

We have been licensed septic installers in dozens of communities throughout Massachusetts and the Metro West area for over two decades. Our crews are experienced with all types of installations, from traditional gravity flow and pump systems to the newer innovative/alternative technologies such as Presby, Perc-Rite, Oakson, and FAST among others. We understand plans and the importance of careful and proper installation to ensure the exact pipe pitch and prevent the shifting of components over time. All our crews understand the critical importance of stone bedding and compaction and keep compactors in their utility trucks.

Experience is The DifferenceSM

Soil Absorbtion System Installation Commercial systems present with more complex installations. Entrust your project to a company with a proven track record in commercial installations. Our staff is experienced, knowledgeable and professional with the ability to communicate effectively with corporate officers and other company personnel. With so much riding on the line can you afford not to entrust your installation to The Septic Professionals™?

Difficult installations are no problem for “The Septic Professionals™” of Rodenhiser Excavating. Complications during installations are never welcome, but Rodenhiser customers can rest assured that we can successfully resolve any obstacles. We have the equipment and know how to handle de-watering operations, raised systems, construction in fill, boulder and ledge drilling and splitting, and other unforeseens.

Soil Testing

Rodenhiser Excavating works with numerous civil engineers and Boards of Health to perform Soil Testing and Deep Holes Testing. Soil testing is the first step in the installation process. The result of this testing determines the placement and type of system that is designed. This is typically the first indicator on system cost and complexity for your site.

Septic System information and diagrams

Septic Tank
The septic tank is designed to separate the liquid wastewater from the solid material. The solids are pumped out from the tank annually to protect the soil absorption system from solid material reaching it and potentially harming it. The liquid level remains fairly constant with a layer of bacteria on top which begins breaking down the solid particles suspended in the wastewater. The wastewater flows out of the tank to the distribution box and eventually the SAS (Soil Absorption System).
Distribution Box
The distribution box evenly distributes the wastewater between the lines of the soil absorption system. Made of concrete and installed on a firm stone bed to keep those strict tolerances and slope required to allow for proper gravity flow.
Soil Absorption Systems
Soil Absorption Systems provide the means for the wastewater to be further broken down and then returned to the soil. SAS’s come in many variations. The SAS develops a biomat for the breakdown of solids and then distributes the flow over an extended area so the soil can finish the treatment process before it returns to the water table 4 or more feet below.
Leaching Fields
Leaching Chambers
Leaching Trenches



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